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Mrs. Thomas spinning at a flax wheel, Mt. Pisgah, North Carolina, ca. 1915.

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Liza O’Kelly knitting a sock. Mt. Pisgah, North Carolina, ca. 1915.

75-1-22_img 17.jpg
Liza O’Kelly spinning wool yarn. Mt. Pisgah, North Carolina, ca. 1915.

75-1-43_img 16.jpg
Mrs. Erwood tatting and Mr. Erwood whittling spoons. Near Fletcher, North Carolina, ca. 1915.

75-1-49_img 15.jpg
Molly Quinn weaving a basket. Photograph taken near Candler, North Carolina, ca. 1915.

75-1-48_img 14.jpg
Mrs. Littrell with basket woven from white oak splints. Skyland, North Carolina, ca. 1915.

75-1-28_img 13_corrected.jpg
George Donkel firing the groundhog kiln.

75-1-26_img 12.jpg
George Donkel loading dried pots into the groundhog kiln he built at Reems Creek Pottery.

75-1-72_img 11.jpg
Reems Creek Pottery employees loading a cart with unfired ware. They then would push the cart under a shed to air dry prior to firing.

75-1-27_img 10.jpg
George Donkel with one of his pots.
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